More Info: Home loans in Finland

Finnish banks allow housing loans for purchasing a house (or occupancy rights to some house) and for constructing or renovating a house. The main standard for getting a mortgage is the debtor’s ability to pay off the debt, as is the situation globally. Having a job that is temporary is theoretically no impediment to receiving a home loan if prospects on the market are not bad. You may face additional hurdles in the event that you aren’t a citizen of Finland.

An owner occupied dwelling generally provides the least expensive solution to live in Finland. Since the accession to the euro zone in Finland, interest rates have settled in a degree moderate to keep loan servicing costs in order. Nevertheless, all borrowers ought to be ready for interest rate changes.more info

Tax Benefits: View Tax Advantages to find out more info

Interest Rates: The tendency in interest rates on home loans in Finland is a decrease over the past couple of years. The quantity of new home loans has been decreasing.

Contact the banks to arrange interviews. If you want, you will make an official loan application with an interview.

Some Suggestions:

Make enquiries to as numerous banks as possible to see the things that they offer – the differences in charges and rates of interest may be significant

The banks have specialists that will also describe tax problems – they’ll let you know which records the tax authority needs

Ensure ALL files are interpreted into English, not simply the ones the bank indicates are suitable